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AuraliaMusition_Cover3.jpg' alt='Auralia Full Version' title='Auralia Full Version' />Chapter 1 Sidequests Chapter 1 Drakensang The Dark Eye Game Guide. SQ1 The Examination. Sibelius is the worlds best selling music notation software, offering sophisticated, yet easy to use tools that are proven and trusted by composers, arrangers. Auralia_img5.jpg' alt='Auralia Full Version' title='Auralia Full Version' />You will receive this quest from Runkel. M14. He asks you to help him pass the examinations held by the Thieves Guild. Pass the first test. The first test is Find a chest in Aves shrine and steal its contents. Find the chest and open it. The chest is right besides the shrine M17. Open it and take the coded note. Can anyone help with information on musical aptitude test for secondary school entry Thanks. Reward note. 3. Pass the message to Runkel. Go back to Runkel and give him the note. Pass the second test. The uncoded message says Find the key and the second clue in the hen house. Find the key. Convince Binga to give you the dog bone or steal it from her. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Albany in Australia is home to the Kalgan Queen and has the best attractions tours cruises, points of interest, things to do and places to stay in WA. Introducing the New Sibelius. Sibelius is the worlds bestselling music notation software, offering sophisticated, yet easytouse tools that are proven and. Give the bone to the dog and head to the hen house where you will find the key and another clue. The hen house M19 is guarded by a dog. You have to give it a dog bone, which you can get from Binga Meadowbolt. M18. Option 1 Steal the dog bone. Option 2 Talk to her and use your social skills to get the dog bone. Once you get the bone, give it to the dog. You will now be able to enter the hen house and take the key and another note. Reward note. 6. Give your findings to Runkel. Give Runkel the note to decipher. Pass the third test. The uncoded message is You will find a chest in the ruined mill. Open it and take the message. Chest in the Old Mill. The chest M1. 23 can be found in the mill cellar M11. Open it and take the note containing the information on finding the thieves guild liaison in Ferdok. Reward note. 9. Find the thieves guild. Curso De Corte Y Confeccion En Pdf'>Curso De Corte Y Confeccion En Pdf. The quest continues in chapter two. Gta 6 Full Game. SQ2 Berry Hunting. The peddler Bredo Bento. M16 will ask you a favor. Collect ten Oneberries. You need to find 1. You can collect them using Plant Lore which can be taught to you by Alchemist Auralia M13. Effective Data Visualization: The Right Chart For The Right Data there. Oneberries can also be found in barrels throughout the area. Bring the oneberries to Bredo. Talk to Bredo and give him the oneberries. Reward 2 Ducats SQ3 A Tasty Delicacy. Talk to the man by the name of Gallo Frantric M11. He will ask you to find a lost package M11. Use Human Nature during the conversation to find out that he cannot be trusted. Find the pouch candied kosh bunting tongues. The pouch can be found near the wagon sitting between the apple tree and the bridge leading to Ferdok. Take the Parcel to Gallo. Option 1 Gallo will offer you 2 thalers for the pouch. Dont agree and haggle over the price, refusing his propositions, then ask for 2 ducats. He wont agree at first, but if you talk to him again, he will pay you. Reward between 2 thalers and 2 ducats. Option 2 Haggle for a while then decide that you will keep them to yourself and sell to someone else. Reward Candied kosh bunting tongues you can sell it later for up to 5. Option 3 When Gallo refuses to pay you 2 ducats eat the tongues. He will call you a madman and tell you that you just ate 5. Reward Full stomach 3. Find another buyer. The quest continues in the next chapters. SQ4 Owlstone the Hunter. Talk to the Innkeeper Thalion M11. He will tell you the story of the local hunter M12. Find hunter Owlstone. Your mission is to find Owlstone. He resides in the foresters lodge in the Dark Forest. When youll arrive on the spot you will find him in the middle of the fight with a wolf. Help him the hunter, not the wolf and he will thank you for assistance. SQ5 The bear in the Dark Forest. You will receive this quest from Hunter Owlstone M12. SQ4 Hunter Owlstone. Slay the bear. The bear. M1. 13 is in the cave in the Old Mineshaft M11. This far in the game it is quite a challenging opponent, so prepare for a tough fight. Talk to Owlstone. After slaying the bear talk to the hunter. Reward 2 ducats 5 thalars. SQ6 The Wild Wolves of the Dark Forest. You will receive the quest from Hunter Owlstone M12. SQ4 Hunter Owlstone. White Fur. White fur. M12. 5 appears along with the regular wolves. Kill them and return to the hunter. Talk to hunter Owlstone. Tell him that youve slain White Fur. Reward 2 ducats. SQ7 The Hunting Trophy. You will receive the quest from Hunter Owlstone. M12. 4 after completing SQ5 The bear in Dark Forest. Take the bears head to Innkeeper Thallion. Give. Thalionowi M11. He will appreciate such a grand trophy. Reward 2 ducats. SQ8 A Boundary Dispute. Two farmers Grantel Meadowbolt and Barnabas Goodbeet M11. Settle the argument. Talk to them and pick the solution that fits you the most the result will be the same in all scenarios the farmers will thank you and youll gain some xp.