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My Great Story of the Week. The My Great Story campaign seeks to ingite a new way of thinking about people with Down syndrome by sharing stories by and about them. Each week, one story is featured as the My Great Story of the Week. Share your story Walking with Seth. Teresa Miller, Mt. Cracked Heel Repair Cream Pedicure Ct Lottery' title='Cracked Heel Repair Cream Pedicure Ct Lottery' />Carmel, ILI was walking across the yard today with Seth. We were strolling more than walking, as he had wrapped his arm around my waist, and was looking at me as if to say, This is nice. I asked Seth, Did you have a good day I know he cant answer me with words, but the look on his face seems to say, Yeah, I guess I did. So much of what Seth and I say to each other does not happen verbally. The 3638323 to 1605548 a 1450464 of 14434154 in 1270284 on 508384 that 503295 is 492114 said 487849 with 423779 at 408185. He has a way of looking into my very heart and speaking to me without saying a word. We have a connection that transcends speech. A connection that is so effortless, that I sometimes take it for granted. Seth has had a pretty rough summer. His grandma died in May, and I spent much of my summer gone, helping take care of my dad, who became very ill for a time. I was trying to work full time, grieve for my mom, do what I could for my dad, and still be Mom in my household. Dad and big sister more than made sure that his needs were being met. I checked in with him when I could. Seth became so used to seeing me on Skype, he would go sit in front of the computer, waiting for me to show up. But even over the hazy connection of the internet, Seth could tell Mom was not OK. He tried very hard to make me feel better. I think he even became depressed, either not understanding what was happening, or maybe understanding too well. As we were strolling across the yard, no more than a minute from the bus to the porch, it occurred to me that in all of the upheaval of the last few months, I had forgotten how to walk slowly. Seth always walks slowly, probably because of his physical limitations, but I suspect mainly because he can. He has the ability to be completely present, with whomever and in whatever situation, with no thought to what next Seth gives your heart his undivided attention. His heart converses with your heart. Walking slowly, arm in arm, swaying to Seths wobbly gait, I realized how much I have missed time with Seth. In that one minute walk, I was reminded how much I need Seth to help me slow down connect. I owe so much to this child. Cracked Heel Repair Cream Pedicure Ct' title='Cracked Heel Repair Cream Pedicure Ct' />Cracked Heel Repair Cream Pedicure Ct JudicialI am often told how lucky Seth is to have us. I always reply with something like, We are the lucky ones. It has occurred to me that we saved Seths life by bringing him into our family. But Seth has more than saved me. He has renewed in me the value of the human connection. Each week one story, by or about someone with Down syndrome, is chosen to as the My Great Story of the Week. Check out the featured stories Walgreens. Americas online pharmacy serving your needs for prescriptions, health wellness products, health information and photo services. His skill is in being present with you. His reward is to see your smile. Life is much more beautiful when I slow down and look at it with Seth. Im so thankful that Seth has taught me how to walk slowly. Theres Nothing He Cant Do. Sharon Randall, Andover, MAWe were devastated when we found out Davis had Down syndrome. All the thoughts of what he wouldnt be able to do flooded our minds. Cracked Heel Repair Cream Pedicure Ctc' title='Cracked Heel Repair Cream Pedicure Ctc' />Now, almost ten years into the journey, we know those initial thoughts were based only on our own ignorance. Life with Davis is a constant celebration of all he can do. Here he is proudly showing off his gymnastics skills in anticipation of the Special Olympics Summer Games that were hosted in Boston in July. When its not gymnastics, its baseball, or swimming, or tubing, or jet skiing. What cant he do We havent come across that that yet go, Davis Grace the Surf Goddess. Cracked Heel Repair Cream Pedicure Ct PostWholesale liquidators offers Tools, Hardware, Work Wear, Sting Goods, Hunting And Camping Gear, Prepping Equipment and Items, Power Sports Accessories, House Wares. There may be a better, cheaper, faster way to get smoother heels. Reddit has an answer. Grace Mehan, St. Louis, MOThere are no ocean waves in St. Louis. We have to drive a long way to get to the ocean. Every summer we squeeze our stuff, ourselves, and our dog Buddy into the car and drive 1,1. Vero Beach, Florida. Once we get there, its all about fun at the beach. Ive wanted to be a surfer for a long time. My brother Brendan is a really good surfer, and my mom used to surf when she lived in Florida during college. I begged my mom to let me surf, and she promised to find a surf coach for me. He found me instead. One day when my mom and sister Maggie were taking an old surfboard to a surf shop for repairs, a surfer held the door open for them and helped them carry the board inside. They started talking and learned hes a swim coach and surfing instructor. My mom asked him if he had any experience with Special Olympics or working with people with disabilities. He did and told her he would love to work with me. Thats how I met my friend, Coach Bill Bolton, in 2. First Coach Bill taught me the pop up. We practiced it on the sand before trying it on a surfboard. I like being on the surfboard, floating in the ocean. I tried to pop up to stand on the surfboard but didnt make it up for long enough. I rode a lot of waves on my belly and knees but wiped out when I got to my feet. Fastreport Crack. I had so much fun surfing with Coach Bill in 2. I didnt make it to standing on the board. When we went to Florida this summer, I had more surfing lessons with Coach Bill. We worked hard on the sand and in the water. I wanted to ride a wave standing more than anything. On our third day together we took our surfboards out past a sand bar where small waves were breaking. I came close to standing each time, and on the last try of the day I got up on my feet and stayed up I was so happy So was Coach Bill. We went to the same surfing spot the next day. Guess what I got up so many times and rode wave after wave. My mom said, Youre a surfer, Grace Coach Bill called me a surf goddess. My sister Maggie also tried surfing that day. She was great and became a surf goddess, too. It was one of the greatest days ever I hope my story inspires you to go surfing or to try something new. I know you can do itGrace. Amina. Supergirl Jeanne Dallahi, Londonderry, NHDaughter. Sister. Cousin. Friend. Card Wipe Master Control After Effects. Student. Gymnast. Dancer. Competitor. Performer. Athlete. Fighter. Cancer Survivor Supergirl My daughter, Amina, is all of these things and more, and at just eight years old, she is truly inspiring She shows us every day the way to persevere, to overcome obstacles, and to live in the present with joy and optimism. To me, she is amazing because she can get up on stage and perform her dance routines at a recital, compete in the all around at her gymnastics competitions, and even ran the 3. After a recent dance performance in front of hundreds of people, she got off the stage and said to me with a huge smile, I did itAminas motivation, determination, strength, and resilience have enabled her to thrive, not letting her disability or cancer hold her back. At the age of three, Amina was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ALL. On May 2. 7, 2. 00. During the next two years, she fought for her life enduring an intensive and prolonged chemotherapy protocol. She had multiple surgeries, blood transfusions, and near daily chemo infusions and medications. She was immune suppressed, leaving her very isolated from her friends and classmates. She missed an entire year of school, returning to the classroom the second year whenever possible. But throughout her treatment, Amina persevered her desire to play, hear music, dance, and keep up with her brothers, kept her progressing and gaining. Throughout it all, she kept her fantastic sense of humor, laughing and giggling, looking adorable in the hats that covered her bald head.