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D Generation X WikipediaD X redirects here. For other uses, see DX. D Generation XThe DX logo in the 1. Statistics. Members. See below. NamesD Generation XDXDegeneration XDebut. August 1. 1, 1. 99. Disbanded. March 1, 2. Years active. 19. Promotions. BTWChikara. MCWWWFED Generation X also known as DX was a professional wrestlingstable and later tag team best known for their appearances in the World Wrestling FederationEntertainmentWWE. The group originated in the midst of the WWFs Attitude Era in 1. The Hart Foundation. After its original run with members Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley later known simply as Triple H, Chyna, and Rick Rude, the group expanded to become a mainstay of the Attitude Era with new additions like X Pac, The New Age Outlaws Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, Kane and Tori until it disbanded in August 2. After a teased reunion in 2. DX reformed in June 2. Triple H and Shawn Michaels for the remainder of the year1 and again in August 2. March 2. 01. 0, shortly before Michaels retirement. Ttf Font on this page. Hp Laserjet P1006 Firmware Upgrade there. This incarnation was voted the greatest WWE Tag Team Champions of all time in a 2. WWE viewer poll. 2ConcepteditThe groups gimmick was best known as a gang of rebels who broke the rules, acted and spoke as they pleased, and wrestled whoever they wanted no matter how provocative and insulting. Noted for their crude, profane humor and sophomoric pranks, the stable has been dubbed multiple times as the most controversial group in WWFE history. Find great deals on eBay for hilti dx 350 parts. Shop with confidence. Is a 2D physics puzzle sandbox game, in which you get to experience what it would be like if your drawings would be magically transformed into real physical objects. Michaels autobiography suggests that it was WWF head writer Vince Russo who first conceived the moniker for the faction, while Hart claims it originated from New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick, a frequent critic of the WWF. DX was one of the three main contributing factors, along with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, to the onset of the WWFs Attitude Era. WWFE Chairman Vince Mc. Mahon has repeatedly denied that DX was inspired or heavily influenced by World Championship Wrestlings WCW New World Order n. Dx Ball Mac' title='Dx Ball Mac' />Wo, though the core members of both on screen factions included members of professional wrestlings Kliq Sean Waltman even served as a member of both groups as did Michaels, briefly, during the n. Wos revival in the WWFE in 2. On October 6, 1. 99. DX promos in fact the week before the group was officially named Michaels alluded to this off screen connection. After Bret Hart claimed to have destroyed the Kliq and to have run Scott Hall and Kevin Nash outta town that is, from the WWF to the rival WCWn. Wo, Michaels declared, The Kliq owns this professional wrestling business, and said that it had really undergone expansion rather than destruction. HistoryeditDegenerateseditChyna right, acted as an enforcer for Triple H left and Michaels in 1. According to Triple H, WWF management wanted to keep apart The Kliq, of which he and Michaels were members, so they were hesitant to pair the duo together at first. Despite this, the group began to collude on the August 1. Raw Is War. During Michaels match with Mankind, Hunter Hearst Hemsley Triple H and Chyna both interfered as they were feuding with Mankind towards the end of the match Rick Rude returned to the WWF revealing himself as Michaels bodyguard and helped him win the match by attacking Mankind with a chair. The following week on Raw, Michaels and Triple H teamed up to take on Mankind and The Undertaker, only to lose the match by disqualification after Michaels used a chair on Undertaker. Michaels would eventually face the Undertaker at Ground Zero In Your House on September 7 with Triple H, Chyna and Rude all interfering on Michaels behalf to make the match end in a no contest. They were often shown on television practicing sophomoriccrude humor and rebelling against authority figures in the company, primarily Vince Mc. Mahon then an on air color commentator and then Commissioner. Sgt. Slaughter, the latter of which DX made a particular habit of humiliating by giving him the nickname Sgt. Slobber. D Generation Xs first feud was against the Hart Foundation, who was led by Michaels nemesis Bret Hart. At WWF One Night Only, the group helped Michaels beat Foundation member British Bulldog for the European Championship, making Michaels the WWFs first Grand Slam Champion. On screen, the name was taken from comments by Hart, who on several occasions, including the October 6, 1. Raw Is War, had labelled Michaels nothing more than a degenerate. The following week, on October 1. Michaels made D Generation X the groups official name, mockingly citing Harts insults as his inspiration and how Generation X is always stereotyped as apathetic and cynical. Although DX and the members of the Hart Foundation continued to battle on screen in some fashion through the end of 1. Bret Hart Shawn Michaels feud ended abruptly at Survivor Series when Michaels won his third WWF World Heavyweight Championship via the Montreal Screwjob, whereby Hart was lied to about the matchs pre determined outcome after he Hart had signed with WCW and refused to drop the WWF Title before he left the company the following day. Rude was also legitimately upset over the Montreal Screwjob, and he subsequently left DX and the WWF to return to WCW. As the only Hart Foundation member that remained in the WWF, Owen Hart continued to feud with DX, specifically Triple H. D Generation X was used as the title for a WWF D Generation X In Your House pay per view telecast on December 7, 1. By this point, with Michaels holding the WWF World Heavyweight Championship and WWF European Championship, and DXs victory in the feud with the Hart Foundation, their status as the lead stable in the company was solidified. Michaels headlined the event and was disqualified in a WWF World Heavyweight Championship title defense against Ken Shamrock when Owen Hart interfered, having been off screen since Survivor Series. Earlier that night, Triple H defeated Sgt. Slaughter with the help of Chyna in a Boot Camp match. On the December 2. Raw is War however, the two were forced to wrestle each other for the European title. In a mock match Michaels laid down while Triple H ran around the ring and eventually pinned him for the championship. In the beginning of 1. Triple H exchanged the European Championship with Owen Hart. At Wrestle. Mania XIV, Shawn Michaels was the reigning WWF World Heavyweight Champion and Triple H was the reigning WWF European Champion. They recruited boxer. Mike Tyson to act as the special enforcer in the main event of the night featuring Michaels against Stone Cold Steve Austin. At the end of the match, Tyson turned on D Generation X and cost Michaels the match. DX Army 1. 99. 81. The night after Wrestle. Mania, Triple H ejected the absent Michaels for dropping the ball over the Tyson incident In reality, Michaels had suffered a back injury during his Casket Match with The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble, and started a four year hiatus from wrestling to recuperate. Triple H assumed full leadership of D X and recruited X Pac, who had been recently fired from WCW, and the WWF Tag Team Champions. The New Age Outlaws Bad Ass Billy Gunn and The Road Dogg Jesse James into the stable. While the intent was for the stable to remain heels, they became hugely popular and were eventually pushed as fan favorites.