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Tightrope Media Systems. Release Notes for Carousel 5. Bug 1. 29. 1 Bulletins have a Last Updated field in the database Greatly reduces the amount of processing needed to update dynamic bulletins. IMPORTANT NOTE You will need to re edit any bulletins with Web Pictures so that the database gets the Is. Dynamic field set. Otherwise the pictures wont get updated by the service. Bug 1. 32. 5 Optimized file downloading in Display. Engine The Display. Edit Shortcut Keys Windows Media Player' title='Edit Shortcut Keys Windows Media Player' />Engine downloads smaller files from the server first, saving the larger files for later. This is so the Display. Engine can display content as quickly as it can, rather than waiting for larger files to finish downloading. Bug 1. 37. 4 More efficient caching of data in service The Carousel service is much faster when procuring data from the database, which allows Carousel to scale to larger installations. Bug 1. 41. 1 When deleting a bunch of backgrounds, the all appear in one colum, instead of in a bunch of rows. Bug 1. 49. 4 Bulk adding of tags to Zones and Media You can now add several tags to zonesmedia in a single field by separating them with a comma, rather than adding them one at a time. Bug 1. 50. 3 Carousel represents all timezones It is now possible to assign any timezone in the world to each zone via the zone configuration screen. Bug 1. 51. 5 A zones RSS output can be enabled or disabled The RSS feed for zones can be disabled to prevent subscriptions to that zone. You can find this setting in the Zone Settings screen, under the Other Zone Outputs area. Verizonowned social media platform Tumblr, along with a laundry list of other Yahoo services, is potentially locking users out of their accounts due to an ending. Bug 1. 51. 6 Transition Previews appear in setup menus A small preview of the transition can be seen in the zone transitions list, and when selecting the default transition for a zone. Bug 1. 52. 5 More robust Housekeeping options Allows users to delete bulletins in bulk by bulletin type, including Active, Stale, Saved, and Waiting bulletins. You may also specify deletion for all users, for all zones, for a particular user, or for a selected zone. Bug 1. 53. 2 Display. Engine versions reported in Web. UI The version of each connected Display. Engine is visible on the Display Engine Registration web page. Images_iPhone_iPod/iPodMp3WMP3.png' alt='Edit Shortcut Keys Windows Media Player' title='Edit Shortcut Keys Windows Media Player' />Now you can quickly determine which of your players need to be updated. Bug 1. 54. 0 Bulletin and Cycle Sync Timeouts need to be system wide Timeouts now apply to the entire system, rather than to individual zones, which effectively made them useless. Bug 1. 59. 5 Repeating bulletins now obey the proper repeat interval Repeating bulletins will now intersperse themselves between each and every bulletin, rather than only between groups of bulletins. This works even when the repeat interval is greater than the total number of bulletins within the list. Updated 10232010 Based on some comments, Ive released a new version with an installer and file for defining custom parameters. Free Freeyoutubetomp3converter 3 10 14 Programs here. Big thanks to Joshka for showing. Windows Store is a digital distribution platform built into Windows 8, which in a manner similar to Apples App Store and Google Play, allows for the distribution and. Bug 1. 90. 6 Bumper Graphic is repeating and showing none of the active bulletins. Bug 1. 93. 9 Event Display bulletins word count is divided by zero A division by zero error occurred when an EDS bulletin had no events listed. Bug 1. 96. 2 Media Packages are difficult to create and upload The Web. Convert X To Dvd V4 1 19 365 Including Keys Trusted Platform more. UI now contains a link where you can download an example media package. You can use this sample zip file to create your own media packages. Bug 2. 06. 7 Date and time disappears permanently when Text Outline is disabled A small bug prevented the datetime overlay from being displayed when the text outline was turned off. You can now disable the text outline property, and the overlay will continue to be displayed. Bug 2. 07. 1 After uploading a picture and adding it to multiple zones table updates without being saved. Bug 2. 11. 4 After editing an active bulletin the status dot turns yellow. Peugeot 206 Diagnostic Software more. Bug 2. 18. 0 Server channel list is breaking when the server is not up yet. Bug 2. 18. 1 Error occurred after deleting a bulletin. Bug 2. 18. 4 After creating a crawl and choosing more the systems asks to submit to other zones. Edit Shortcut Keys Windows Media Player' title='Edit Shortcut Keys Windows Media Player' />Bug 2. Error when long crawl is created If a crawl is made with no spaces in the text, an error was thrown as Carousel tried to truncate the string on a word boundary for displaying a preview. Now, Carousel will forcibly truncate after 1. Bug 2. 18. 6 Previews of Crawl Bulletins do not contain the entire message and runs off the page In the Bulletin List screen, crawls are now wrapped in a scroll box, so you can see the entire crawl without it destroying the page layout. Bug 2. 18. 9 Main Menu does not redraw after a new zone is added user has clearance for all zones. Bug 2. 19. 0 Groups of RSS Crawls are allowed and only one is actually displayed. Bug 2. 19. 1 Full Screen Alerts do not display even though the zone appears to be in Alert Mode. Bug 2. 19. 3 Crawls are allowed as Full Screen Alerts A small bug in the Web. UI allowed the creation of crawl bulletins on full screen alert zones, which isnt supported elsewhere in the software. Bug 2. 19. 4 Full Screen Alerts tab the Quick Links menu is different in appearance from other tabs. Bug 2. 19. 5 Zone list in the config menu does not order numbers properly Zones are now sorted in a more human friendly way. Bug 2. 22. 2 Error when editing a bulletin that was moved from the stale list to the active list. Bug 2. 26. 8 Screen saver feature does not run bulletins Searching for the server message at the top of the screen. Bug 2. 27. 1 After editing a bulletin from the stale list not date it redraws screen without the newly edited bulletin. Bug 2. 27. 4 Bulletins which expired before they were approved become inaccessible The bulletins now become stale, and should be available in the users stale list. WMP-Keys_Plugins.png' alt='Edit Shortcut Keys Windows Media Player' title='Edit Shortcut Keys Windows Media Player' />Users can then reactivate the bulletin, at which point it will need to be approved. Bug 2. 27. 5 After editing a zones name it will no longer display on the public web A bug in the Web. UI was mistakenly overwriting a setting in the database, which caused the public output options to always be disabled, no matter what youve selected. Bug 2. 27. 7 Edited zone names are omitted from the zone selector. Bug 2. 27. 9 The zone selector cuts off some zones in certain browsers Scrolling through a large list of zones in the zone selector screen would cut off the bottom end of the zone list in some browsers. Now, all zones are properly displayed. Bug 2. 29. 8 Create a new Carousel Framework installer. Bug 2. 36. 1 DOJ On. Deck Display. Bug 2. Entering in too much text in a standard bulletin throws an error A bug in the text resizing code would cause an error when trying to resize text beyond the smallest possible font size. In this case, we simply use the smallest size. Bug 2. 39. 4 Active bulletins get set to queued between 1. PM and midnight Added a fix to the Web. UI that correctly formats the dates when saving bulletins. Bug 2. 43. 2 RSS Crawls that are grouped together and then deleted one still remains. Bug 2. 46. 3 StaleSaved bulletins reappearing in groups that are still active Saved and stale bulletins will no longer reappear when their group is edited. Bug 2. 51. 6 Clock bulletins display without fading when they are the only bulletin in a zone the Display. Engine is smarter about displaying clock bulletins when they are the only bulletin in a zone. They will now be displayed continuously, rather than fading up and down as the bulletin finishes. Bug 2. 52. 6 If bulletins that need pre approval become stale and the date is changed it does represent the waiting status.