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Top Home Design Software. If you have a dream, you can draw it. These easy software programs are made for beginners, but some rival the sophisticated CAD software used by professional architects. Which program is best For tips in choosing, read How to Select Home Design Software. Otherwise, if you can hold a hammer, you can hold a mouseand if you can hold a mouse, just jump right in with these affordable and fun applications. Complex and powerful, the Chief Architect Home Designer Suite has sophisticated tools for designing and remodeling houses, kitchens, baths, decks, landscapes, and interiors. Start with one of the 1,5. With just a few clicks you can change colors, styles, and materials, and also generate 3. Free-Online-Virtual-Home-Designing-Programs-3d-programs-2.jpg' alt='Home Designer Programs' title='Home Designer Programs' />Home Designer Programs For MacWelcome. In holding true to our motto of Ut Prosim, Virginia Tech continues our commitment to lifelong learning. Virginia Tech offers a number of online or blended. Find home design software programs that are inexpensive or free and easy to use. Here are our top picks in the changing world of DIY software. D views of your project. This much power can be complicated, so you may want to take advantage of the free step by step videos on the Home Designer website. Almir Sater Ao Vivo more. Amazon offers an array of Chief Architect Home Designer software products. Read Review of Home Designer Suite 2. A Google Sketch. Up Booth at a Star Trek Convention In Las Vegas in 2. Ethan MillerGetty Images Entertainment. Download the free Sketch. Up program, and you can draw 3. D images of your building projecteven if your project involves a spacecraft at a Star Trek convention. After youve created your 3. D image, print it out or upload it to a 3. D Warehouse to share with others. Nazz Nazz Rapidshare there. The Warehouse also has drawings you can add to your own 3. D picture. In 2. 01. Trimble Navigation Limited bought Sketch. Up from Google. Trimble intends to support existing users and continue to provide a free version. More What used to be IMSI Turbo. Floor. Plan is now part of Turbo. CAD. com, who is developing a line of Floor. Plan products with various capabilitiessome still a souped up version of the old Instant Architect software. We consider this our professional version, says their website, but only because it offers the most easy to use features. Even a novice can get started right away The ease and adaptability of Home Landscape Pro make it an especially good buy for the CAD savvy, yet a Deluxe version is offered at half the price and a Turbo. Floor. Plan 3. D is listed on Amazon for even less. Turbo. CADs product line is in flux, as  Amazon. IMSI Design versions. Read Review of IMSI Home Landscape Pro Version 1. Turbo. CAD has also taken over IMSI Turbo. FLOORPLAN Instant Architect. Source Welcome to the new Turbo. CAD. com accessed August 7, 2. A digital measuring device for floor plans. Hisham Ibrahim Moment Mobile Getty Images. If all you want to do is draw a simple floor plan without fancy 3. D views, you might not need the high powered software listed here. Instead, check out these easy, free generally online drawing tools and mobile apps. For arranging furniture, planning kitchens and baths, and creating 2. D plot plans, this software is a great help in visualizing space. For whiz bang fun, download an app to your mobile device, and touch the wall. The results are magic. And if you need to measure your plans, check out Amazon. Calculated Industries. Game Designer Careers Schools. When you think of STEM careers, you may be tempted to think of people in white coats working in a laboratory. Or an engineer bent over a drafting table, working out math formulas. However, there is another STEM occupation you may not have considered ones that requires a video game platform and a whole lot of imagination. Game designers are the driving force behind every video game you play, whether its a title published for a standalone system or an app you download to your phone. From the initial idea through the final tweaks, designers work alongside other technology professionals like developers, animators and programmers to create a compelling game that will have users playing again and again. Some of a designers specific duties include the following. Writing descriptions of plot points, characters and gameplay concepts. Working with a team to ensure design concepts are followed as a game is developed. Using scripting languages to create game prototypes. Making changes as needed to optimize gameplay. Pdf Employees Provident Fund Concept there. How Much do Game Designers MakeThe government doesnt track game designers as a distinct occupation. Rather, the Bureau of Labor Statistics includes them within the category of multimedia artists and animators. According to the BLS, in 2. Other sources put game designer salary averages a bit higher. A 2. 01. 4 salary survey by industry website Gamasutra found U. S. game designers had average incomes of 7. The Entertainment Software Association also conducted a 2. While their survey wasnt limited to game designers, the association found the average 2. In addition, ESA reported the highest compensation could be found in the following states. California 1. 03,0. Texas 1. 01,3. 49. Washington 9. 9,9. New York 9. 4,9. Massachusetts 9. Occupational Requirements and Job Types. Those pursing game designer careers need to have the right skills to be successful. They must have artistic ability and an understanding of computer software and scripting languages. In addition, game designers must be able to communicate their ideas effectively. Specialized degree programs may be the best way to prepare for a successful game designer career. ESA notes 4. 00 colleges and universities have video game programs. These include certificates as well as associate, bachelor and masters degree options. The level of education you pursue may depend upon your game designer career goals. Designers may fall into one of the following job types with each requiring a similar, yet slightly different, skillset. Lead designers As the name suggests, lead designers are often in charge of a team. They help keep everyone on task and may serve as a liaison between the design team and the developers, programmers or others working on the project. Designers may need a higher level of education or extensive experience to be considered for a lead position. Content designers A content designer may focus solely on the plot of a game. They are in charge of developing the concept and making sure all components are realistic within the confines of the game. Game mechanic designers Once the concept is developed, the game mechanic designer ensures specific components work correctly. For example, they may be tasked with designing weapons or special items and making sure they operate within gameplay as expected. Level designers Another job type for this occupation belongs to level designers. These professionals are charged with creating a particular level of a game. They may be responsible for not only creating a specific atmosphere for the game environment but also determining the placement of items on the level. Writers Some designers oversee all the writing for a game. That may include everything from player instructions to the dialogue during cut scenes. Whats the Job Outlook Like for Game DesignersThe BLS reports jobs for multimedia artists and animators will see only 6 percent growth from 2. The government notes growth in the field is due largely to demand for realistic visual effects in video games and other mediums. Despite strong demand from the gaming industry, growth may be limited since some companies are sending their design work overseas. Still, there are some areas in which game designer careers are projected to see much greater growth in the coming years. The following states and territories should see the biggest percentage increase in jobs for multimedia artists and animators from 2. Oregon 3. 4. 3 percent. Washington 3. 3. Guam 2. Alaska 2. 2. 3 percent. Colorado 2. 2. 1 percent. Between positive game designer salary data and robust growth in some states, there is good reason to learn more about this field. Game designer careers fall under the umbrella of STEM jobs and yet they offer a different experience than other occupations in the science and technology arenas. You can learn more by contacting schools offering degree programs in game design for additional information.