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I2. C Wi. Fi and Ethernet adaptor. Converting a 6. 0 router for wireless. The Linksys WRT5. G is one of several similar. BG Wifi routers using a Broadcom chipset. These. run Linux, and with an easy firmware changeand can be. I2. C 2 PC or BL2. Ideal Administration Keygen' title='Ideal Administration Keygen' />While they are Wi. Fi devices, they are just as useful. Our I2. C 2 PC can also be used as an RS2. Linksys to a PCs serial or USB ports for. Increase the security of your Linux operating system by following these 23 hardening tips. I2CChip. com WiFi Ethernet Access Converting a 60 router for wireless ethernet remote access and datalogging. Kilauea Mount Etna Mount Yasur Mount Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira Piton de la Fournaise Erta Ale. The zombietime blog. There a post attributed to Zombie showing antiSemitism anteIsrael attitudes. Adaptable Deployment Options Send all alone terms. Acronis Snap Deploy 5. Serial Keu gives you a lot of choices, in addition to manual, programmed, client started. Windows Registry Mapped Network Drives Fix, Clean WINDOWS REGISTRY MAPPED NETWORK DRIVES And Optimize PC SPEED Up Your PC FREE Scan NowWhat follows is a work in progess so come back and see. What type of WRT5. G to get The current versions WRT5. G v. 2. 0 and WRT5. GS have built in. There were old V1 units which required fitting a. WRT5. 4G 4. MB Flash, 3. M Ram, but 1. 6M Ram is available, and 4. M. is free. ie 1. M sees to be unusableWRT5. GS 8. M Flash, 3. M Ram, 2. 0M is free. GS version has more flash and far more free ram, and so is a. The WRT5. 4G is fine for simple jobs. Note that there seem to be many devices based on the Broadcom. Linux, but not all have serial ports or firmware that. WRT5. 4Preparing the I2. C 2 PC adaptor Connect the OPTO serial port on the adaptor to port 1 of. Linksys with 1k resistors in the data lines. The. I2. C 2 PC runs off 5. V, the Linksys is 3. Vinsert the extra selection jumpers and set the jumpers to. OPTO serial on the I2. C 2 PC adaptor. The opto. TTL level serialYou can power the I2. C 2 PC from the Linksys 1. V supply. it draws negligible extra current. On the Linksys Router. Connect to the the Linsys through the LAN ethernet port. By default the Linksys is at 1. Load the Sveasoft. Firmware onto your Linksys. Use Alchemy or. Samadhi. Satori versions lack sttyEnable Telnet on the Linksys from the administration. For proper security you should be using SSH not. Telnet. Login as root password. Telnet from your PC to 1. From. Windows I recommend using PUTTY. You should have a linux command line running on the. Now I assume that you do have the serial comms tested and. To understand the I2. C 2 PC commands below you need to. BL2. 33 datasheet. Setup the Linksys Serial Port. First you need to change the serial port setups. Turn off the. echo and change the baud rate. F devtts1 echo 5. F devtts1 a will. Note the odd port numbering. Linux boxes. Also we are using port. Talk to the I2. C Bus. To understand the I2. C commands that follow, see the BL2. To send 0x. 5A ie binary 0. PCF8. 57. 4 8 bit IO chip. I2. C address 0x. S4. 05. AP devtts1. To send any other byte change the 5. A to the desired hex. To see what is returned to the Linksys. C will kill the catcat devtts1. To capture it to a file far more useful. The. makes the cat command run in the background. Note that the cat command will keep running until it. D or you kill it. The received chars will be. PCF8. 57. 4 send S4. Pecho S4. 10. 1P devtts1. Now the returned data is being captured to tmpplay. To. see what is in the file more tmpplay. Now all you have to do is write a script to periodically issue. I2. C 2 PC with echo, and pause with sleep. In the BL2. 33 datasheet. BL2. 33 so it just. The cat command will keep running until an EOT. You can examine the file with. TFTP to download it to a PC through. OK so lets make a simple data logger to record temperature with a TMP1. PCF8. 57. 4. Use cat tmplogit to. D to end it. stty F devtts1 echo 5. S9. 00. 16. 0W0. 0P devtts1 initialise TMP1. S4. 10. 1P devtts1 read 1 byte from a PCF8. S9. 10. 2P devtts1 read temperature from TMP1. Now make it executable and run it in the backgroundchmod 7. Now the port is read and stored in play. You can use tail to put a limit on how long the. The file is just full of hex so its easy to process. One advantage of this approach to datalogging is that it is a. V battery or UPS on the Linksys router. PC. A gelcell will keep the data collection going until. PC can downlaod the files again. If you just want to capture a single lot of data and have. T command in the BL2. For example this is ideal for dumping. T0. 4 devtts1. Time Stamping the files. Of course for datalogging it is useful to store the datetime. Handily the Linksys is able to get its time. NNTP server, so the time should always be just. Personally I prefer to not use english datetimes but. It is. easier to read, sort and plot. To append the date number to a. To set the time in the router it is best to configure it to. NTP timeserver. If this isnt possible use. The format for stting the data is date s. MMDDhhmmCCYY eg Jul 1 2. Tools. Download and install the following Putty and Puttygen. Win. SCPSveasoft Firmware Satori version NOT AVAILABLE YETInstall the Sveasoft firmware from the routers webpage. See http docs. SV Upgrading. Firmware. Enable SSHD on the administration page and save. Until you. save the dialog for the key does not appear. Run Puttygen and make an SSH2 key according to, and copy the. SSH part on the admin page. Save. Now you should be able to connect using putty and login as. Win. SCP should be able to connect using the same key file and. Note that most dirs are read only. Upload files. Try the logging script. When you are happy it works, run logsetup to setup the nvram. Check the nvram, then nvram commit to write the. Now the logger should run on boot. Copy Logger script to NVRam. We need the logger script to be non volatile so it can start. So I copy it to an NVRam variable. This. takes a couple of secondsnvram get logscript tmplogscript restore to file. NVRam seems to be a 3. I e d bigscript. Keeping Data from getting too big. The ram space is limited, so it is better for the data size to. Do Jogo Lanterna Verde Para Pc here. Tail can be used to limit the number of lines in the. Since the length of each line is constant, the max file. Note that when you try to reflash the rom you need enough free. You may have to delete all. Transferring Files. File transfers can be view by which end the command is. From Windows PC end. For GUI file transfers Win. SCP is. recommended. The PSCP. program can be used for automated commandline transfers. Presently the 2. 00. Note that Putty, pscp, Win. SCP all use the same key file. Presently HTTPD on the WRT requires a login password, and will. TFTPD on WRT appears only able to upload the bin file to tmp. From WRT command line. Current Issues. Most up to date firmware lacks STTY command. How do I make it run at power onI2. C 2 PC to Linksys WRT5. Ghttp www. rwhitby. Into the Linksys socket fit two 1k resistors and connect to a. Connect pins 1. and 5 of the ribbon. DO NOT connect pin. I2. C 2 PC to pin 1 of the Linksys 3. LinksysFit 2 micromatch females into the empty holes on the I2. C 2 PC. The connector closest to the FTDI is used when you are connecting. Linksys to the BL2. I2. C adaptor. The connector next. BL2. 33 is used when you want to connect the Linksys to a. PCs serial port for testing. BL2. Function. Direction. Linksys PinI2. C 2 PC Pin3. V 1nc. TXDOut Linksys. RXDIn Linksys. 53nc 7 GND 9. Linksys Serial Interface Run Realterm. Windows PC. Set realterm to 9. Remove the BL2. 33 from its socket on the I2. C 2 PCConnect the Linksys port 1 to the port next to the BL2. Connect to the PC with the RS2. USB port. make sure. I2. C 2 PC are removeduse the echo and cat commands from Telnet to test. How to setup SSHOver to Zak Mc. Rofl. Ok it took me some time to figure it out so heres how you can. WRT5. 4G 1 Get Pu. TTY. http the. Get Pu. TTYgen. http the. Run Pu. TTYgen, select SSH2 RSA at parameters, 1. Press. generate, it will create a publicprivate key pair from your. The Nutanix Bibleacropolis krplis noun data planestorage, compute and virtualization platform. Architecture. Acropolis is a distributed multi resource manager, orchestration platform and data plane. It is broken down into three main components Distributed Storage Fabric DSF. This is at the core and birth of the Nutanix platform and expands upon the Nutanix Distributed Filesystem NDFS. NDFS has now evolved from a distributed system pooling storage resources into a much larger and capable storage platform. App Mobility Fabric AMF. Hypervisors abstracted the OS from hardware, and the AMF abstracts workloads VMs, Storage, Containers, etc. This will provide the ability to dynamically move the workloads between hypervisors, clouds, as well as provide the ability for Nutanix nodes to change hypervisors. Hypervisor. A multi purpose hypervisor based upon the Cent. OS KVM hypervisor. Building upon the distributed nature of everything Nutanix does, were expanding this into the virtualization and resource management space. Acropolis is a back end service that allows for workload and resource management, provisioning, and operations. Its goal is to abstract the facilitating resource e. This gives workloads the ability to seamlessly move between hypervisors, cloud providers, and platforms. The figure highlights an image illustrating the conceptual nature of Acropolis at various layers Figure 1. High level Acropolis Architecture. Note. Supported Hypervisors for VM Management. As of 4. 7, AHV and ESXi are the supported hypervisors for VM management, however this may expand in the future. The Volumes API and read only operations are still supported on all. Hyperconverged Platform. For a video explanation you can watch the following video LINKThe Nutanix solution is a converged storage compute solution which leverages local components and creates a distributed platform for virtualization, also known as a virtual computing platform. The solution is a bundled hardware software appliance which houses 2 6. U footprint. Each node runs an industry standard hypervisor ESXi, KVM, Hyper V currently and the Nutanix Controller VM CVM. The Nutanix CVM is what runs the Nutanix software and serves all of the IO operations for the hypervisor and all VMs running on that host. For the Nutanix units running VMware v. Sphere, the SCSI controller, which manages the SSD and HDD devices, is directly passed to the CVM leveraging VM Direct Path Intel VT d. In the case of Hyper V, the storage devices are passed through to the CVM. The following figure provides an example of what a typical node logically looks like Figure 1. Converged Platform. Distributed System. There are three very core structs for distributed systems. Must have no single points of failure SPOF. Must not have any bottlenecks at any scale must be linearly scalable. Must leverage concurrency Map. Reduce. Together, a group of Nutanix nodes forms a distributed system Nutanix cluster responsible for providing the Prism and Acropolis capabilities. All services and components are distributed across all CVMs in a cluster to provide for high availability and linear performance at scale. The following figure shows an example of how these Nutanix nodes form a Nutanix cluster Figure 1. Nutanix Cluster Distributed System. These techniques are also applied to metadata and data alike. By ensuring metadata and data is distributed across all nodes and all disk devices we can ensure the highest possible performance during normal data ingest and re protection. This enables our Map. Reduce Framework Curator to leverage the full power of the cluster to perform activities concurrently. Sample activities include that of data re protection, compression, erasure coding, deduplication, etc. The following figure shows how the of work handled by each node drastically decreases as the cluster scales. Figure. Work Distribution Cluster Scale. Key point As the number of nodes in a cluster increases cluster scaling, certain activities actually become more efficient as each node is handling only a fraction of the work. Software Defined. There are three very core structs for software definition systems. Must provide platform mobility hardware, hypervisor. Must not be reliant on any custom hardware. Must enable rapid speed of development features, bug fixes, security patches. Must take advantage of Moores Law. As mentioned above likely numerous times, the Nutanix platform is a software based solution which ships as a bundled software hardware appliance. The controller VM is where the vast majority of the Nutanix software and logic sits and was designed from the beginning to be an extensible and pluggable architecture. A key benefit to being software defined and not relying upon any hardware offloads or constructs is around extensibility. As with any product life cycle, advancements and new features will always be introduced. By not relying on any custom ASICFPGA or hardware capabilities, Nutanix can develop and deploy these new features through a simple software update. This means that the deployment of a new feature e. Nutanix software. This also allows newer generation features to be deployed on legacy hardware models. For example, say youre running a workload running an older version of Nutanix software on a prior generation hardware platform e. The running software version doesnt provide deduplication capabilities which your workload could benefit greatly from. To get these features, you perform a rolling upgrade of the Nutanix software version while the workload is running, and you now have deduplication. Its really that easy. Similar to features, the ability to create new adapters or interfaces into DSF is another key capability. When the product first shipped, it solely supported i. SCSI for IO from the hypervisor, this has now grown to include NFS and SMB. In the future, there is the ability to create new adapters for various workloads and hypervisors HDFS, etc. And again, all of this can be deployed via a software update. This is contrary to most legacy infrastructures, where a hardware upgrade or software purchase is normally required to get the latest and greatest features. With Nutanix, its different. Since all features are deployed in software, they can run on any hardware platform, any hypervisor, and be deployed through simple software upgrades. The following figure shows a logical representation of what this software defined controller framework looks like Figure 1. Software Defined Controller Framework. Cluster Components. For a visual explanation you can watch the following video LINK. The user facing Nutanix product is extremely simple to deploy and use. This is primarily possible through abstraction and a lot of automation integration in the software. The following is a detailed view of the main Nutanix Cluster components dont worry, no need to memorize or know what everything does Figure 1. Nutanix Cluster Components. Cassandra. Key Role Distributed metadata store. Description Cassandra stores and manages all of the cluster metadata in a distributed ring like manner based upon a heavily modified Apache Cassandra. The Paxos algorithm is utilized to enforce strict consistency. This service runs on every node in the cluster. The Cassandra is accessed via an interface called Medusa. Zookeeper. Key Role Cluster configuration manager.