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Import-Internet-Mail-and-Addresses.jpg?resize=442%2C333&ssl=1' alt='Import In Microsoft Multiple Outlook Vcard File' title='Import In Microsoft Multiple Outlook Vcard File' />Import In Microsoft Multiple Outlook Vcard FileExcel to v. Card Format Import Excel Contacts to VCFHave you ever heard about the v. Card file What is it and how is it useful for us Are you looking for a way to export contacts from Excel to v. Card file The v. Find out how to use and troubleshoot your Samsung Galaxy III mini with interactive simulators, howto guides and support videos. This one is indeed not that obvious at first, but luckily the importing process of the Windows Contacts folder is compatible with the Windows Mail import feature that. Import-Multiple-Vcard-to-Outlook-Using-Vcard-Converter-Tool-Step-9.jpg/aid3478594-v4-728px-Import-Multiple-Vcard-to-Outlook-Using-Vcard-Converter-Tool-Step-9.jpg' alt='Import In Microsoft Multiple Outlook Vcard File' title='Import In Microsoft Multiple Outlook Vcard File' />Card is a popular file format for storing contacts and information. To save our contacts into an Excel file is now an old trend. Today almost every program, device and operating system support v. Card format, hence you must store all your contacts data and other information into this format. To know how to convert Excel to v. Card format, I want you to keep reading this article. Note If Excel spreadsheet is corrupt, you cant open it. Spinning Tool Kennametal there. You need to repair Excel file first before you can extract contacts information from it. You can read here few manual tricks to repair corrupt Excel spreadsheets. In general, the v. Download The Secret Of Nagas Book In Gujarati Pdf on this page. Card is widely known as the standard file format commonly used for storing the contacts and information of an individual or an organization. The information may typically include a name, occupation, address, contact number either mobile or home, email address, and any other specific details. Additionally, the v. Card also includes custom fields, images, and other common types of media. The v. Card is now becoming a highly popular file format as it is highly supported by many devices, such as mobiles, smart cell phones, PDA personal digital assistant devices, i. Phones, tabbing devices as well as the online email accounts and other popular email clients. This format allows users to import and export the contacts from address books. In the earlier days, users found Excel file the conventional way to store contacts and information. In fact, some organizations and individuals are still using Excel files for storing contacts. But because of a modern transformation in our devices and programs, the old format has been transformed to v. Card, a universally supported format. The format is widely accepted by almost all the operating systems which include Windows, Mac, Andriod, i. OS and many others. We all know that Excel is an important component of Microsoft Office suite. Some computer users are still using Excel for managing their contact details. The reason is pretty simple and clear, i. Sometimes you need to import your contacts from the Excel file or export the contacts to an Excel file. Both the tasks are just next to impossible. You cant import the contacts from your Excel file to any other program or device as this format is not widely accepted by other programs or distinct devices. In the same way, you cant export the contacts to an Excel file directly. Itll definitely require a lot of hard work and sometimes the task becomes time consuming as you need to add hundreds of contacts manually one by one. Its always better to save contacts in a unified format supported by a wide range of devices and programs. And v. Card is the most popular and highly supported format. It has replaced the Excel file, which was commonly used for storing contacts. To export all the contacts from an Excel file to v. Card format, you can try two different solutions Either an easy manual trick. Or a third party Excel to v. Card converter tool. I always recommend the manual tricks before using any 3rd party tool. Sometimes the manual tricks resolve our issues without requiring any other tool. Though a manual trick is considered the most inexpensive way, it may sometimes require higher human efforts and enough time while execution. If any sort of mistake or error takes place while performing any manual trick, this may lead to loss of crucial data and information. To perform the manual trick, you need to convert Excel to CSV Comma Separated Values format first. Its very simple. Convert Excel to CSV in just four steps Step 1 First of all, open Microsoft Excel on your system. A State Of Trance Yearmix Mixed'>A State Of Trance Yearmix Mixed. Now open the Excel spreadsheet containing the contact information. Click Office button on the top Save As Other Formats. Or, you may simply press F1. Step 2 Select a new location where you want to save the file. You may also give a new name to this file. Now select Save as type CSV Comma delimited. Click Save. Step 3 Youll see an error message on your screen saying the selected workbook contains multiple sheets. To save only the active sheet, click OK. Step 4 Now finally click Yes to keep the selected workbook in the same format. This will convert Excel file into CSV format without causing any changes or damage to contacts information because it keeps the original file intact while conversion. Now you need to import all the contacts from this new CSV file to your system. And then, you can export the contacts to VCF files. Import contacts to your system. Step 1 Click Start button type Contacts on the search bar. Click Contacts under Programs. Step 2 On the Contacts window, click Import tab. Step 3 On the Import to Windows Contacts pop up window, select CSV Comma Separated Values. Then click Import to continue the process. Step 4 Now locate the Click Browse button to browse the location. Step 5 Select the Click Open to confirm your selection. Step 6 You can see the selected CSV file in the edit box. Now click Next to continue the process. Step 7 Now map the text field and contacts field. Click the box of Name of the Employee. Step 8 Select a Contact field for the text field Name of the Employee. Select Name in the options and click OK. Step 9 Click OK to confirm your selection. Step 1. 0 Map all the fields you want to import. Finally, click Finish once the mapping is done. Step 1. 1 Now click Close to end the import process. Export contacts to VCF files Step 1 Again on the Contacts window, select all the contacts which you want to export to VCF. Then click Export tab. Step 2 On the Export Windows Contacts window, select v. Cards folder of. Click Export to continue the process. Step 3 Select the location at which you want to save these contacts. You may create a new folder to save the contacts at any desired location. Click OK to confirm your selection. Step 4 Within a few seconds, all your selected contacts will be exported in VCF format at your desired location. Step 5 Now click the Close button to end the export process. Important note If you are an Outlook user and looking for a way to import VCF contacts to MS Outlook, you must read this post how to import VCF to Outlook using an easy manual trick. Sometimes users may also need to import Outlook contacts to v. Card format. An Outlook data file aka PST may contain multiple contacts, sometimes hundreds to thousands. Though you can extract contacts into v. Card manually, doing that one by one takes more than enough time. You can save your precious time by using a professional solution like PST Repair software. Though its email recovery software tool, it provides you a feature by which you can save the contacts in VCF files in just a few mouse clicks. If the PST file is corrupt and you want to extract contacts from it, this tool will be a boon for you. It can first repair PST file, and then you can save contacts to VCF files. Professional Solution for Excel to v. Card Conversion You should only use the manual trick if you have a limited number of contacts which you need to convert or export to v. Card format. If youre having numerous contacts, the manual trick is not the right choice as itll definitely take a lot of time. In such situation, you must try a third party converter that can perform easy and quick Excel to v.