Logic Fun 4.8 Chip

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AM3. 35. 8 Sitara Processor ARM Cortex A8, 3. D Graphics, PRU ICSSThe AM3. ARM Cortex A8 processor, are enhanced with image, graphics processing, peripherals and industrial interface options such as Ether. CAT and PROFIBUS. The devices support high level operating systems HLOS. Linux and Android are available free of charge from TI. The AM3. 35x microprocessor contain the subsystems shown in Figure 1 1 and a brief description of each follows The microprocessor unit MPU subsystem is based on the ARM Cortex A8 processor and the Power. VR SGX Graphics Accelerator subsystem provides 3. D graphics acceleration to support display and gaming effects. The Artistry Of Bill Evans Volume 2 Pdf on this page. The PRU ICSS is separate from the ARM core, allowing independent operation and clocking for greater efficiency and flexibility. The PRU ICSS enables additional peripheral interfaces and real time protocols such as Ether. CAT, PROFINET, Ether. NetIP, PROFIBUS, Ethernet Powerlink, Sercos, and others. Additionally, the programmable nature of the PRU ICSS, along with its access to pins, events and all system on chip So. C resources, provides flexibility in implementing fast, real time responses, specialized data handling operations, custom peripheral interfaces, and in offloading tasks from the other processor cores of So. AR i. Phone App Rapidly Takes Photos and Leaves Them Hanging in the Air. You might be tempted to think this is just a cool experiment, but dont be surprised when Mark Zuckerberg rips it off and its suddenly packaged with Instagram. According to his website, this is the first app that Dan Monaghan has ever made. Float. 0 is an app that utilizes the new AR toolkit for i. OS 1. 1. The idea, for now, is that you shoot a bunch of photos as you move and then see them hanging in mid air like a little gallery exhibition. Without offering his further plans, Monaghan writes that hes just getting started Its the beginning of much more, the demo is just the beginning of an i. OS App that will do a whole bunch more. Currently, its just a tool for taking very weird photos. Its smooth, running 6. My first real app and it actually does something, its a great feeling watching someone use it, some people are really engrossed in the visual experience, there is usually no stuttering or latency, which for camera tracking even in night conditions is great with the contrasty colors. The i. Phone 8 or is it 7s will undoubtedly have an improved camera that could make this function even better. Its easy to imagine this having some sort of social network function. You could lift your phone and see if people have taken any photos in the area youre standing. Or if youre at a famous spot like the Eiffel Tower, open it up and see all of the shots that people have clicked and make sure youre not doubling up. Theres surely an opportunity to gamify it into some sort of scavenger hunt as well. The i. OS AR era is just getting started. These little experiments are going to turn into a big industry. Dan Monaghan via Prosthetic Knowledge. Adafruit Industries, Unique fun DIY electronics and kits Breakout Boards Tools Gift Certificates Arduino Cables Sensors LEDs Books Breakout Boards Power EL Wire. Our friends over at LinkSprite have made this nifty little RS485 Shield V3 for the Raspberry Pi, now you will be able to have a communication port for your.