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Software Download e. QSL Cards Omni. Rig, Ham Radio Deluxe and Other UtilitiesHere are a few software utilities, data files and informational bits which are freely available to other amateur radio operators KX3 Sample File for the Elecraft K3 KX3 Memory Editor. Super Check Partial for Gen. Log Updated May 1. Updating Gen. Log and NAQCC data for NAQCC Sprints. Callsign ID Timer. Dipole Calculations Spreadsheet. APRS Local Information Beacons. Ham Radio Deluxe Utilities for HRD 3456 Updated May 1. Ham Radio Deluxe Utilities Reporter for HRD 3. Omni. Rig Ham Radio Deluxe Bridge for HRD 3. Get the guaranteed best price on Tube Combo Guitar Amplifiers like the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp at Musicians Friend. Get a low price. 76 Gibson Les Paul Custom Ivory. Here is my live number one Ivory LPC. Ive had it about ten years. It was my live number two until I retired my 75. GUILD CE 100D, 1964 sunburst. Fine electric archtop with pointed single cutaway. Exceptionally fine conditions for a 40 yearold instrument, really. My Stuff Deluxe Serial' title='My Stuff Deluxe Serial' />My Stuff Deluxe SerialMy Stuff Deluxe SerialWeb. Buddy for Win. GRE PSR 5. PSR 6. Scan. Buddy for GRE PSR 5. PSR 6. 00 and Pro 1. Pro 1. 97 Scanners. My Stuff Deluxe Serial' title='My Stuff Deluxe Serial' />HRD DDE Sample Sourcecode. Microsoft Access SQL query for the DXXE Challenge Award HRD 3. Delphi COM Object for HRD Database HRD 3. How to Talk DDE with Ham Radio Deluxe 3. Delphi. PSKReporter Delphi Interface Codee. QSL Download Utility Updated May 2. PC Clock Set from GPSCW Skimmer Scheduler. Optoelectronics Optocom Receiver Control. DX Monitor and CW Skimmer Alert File GeneratorUpdater. DCU 1 Rotor Control. UI View. 32 Utilities. Using Omni. Rig from Delphi or Win. Batch. Reg. Ex for Amateur Radio Callsigns. Using the K4. HAV FCC Data Files. DXMonitor Frequency Filters. KX3 Sample File for the Elecraft K3 KX3 Memory Editor. I looked to see if I could find someones sample memory file for the Elecraft KX3 or K3 to use as a basis for my own setup and was unable to find one. Heres my first pass which other Elecraft owners might find useful, as a starting point for their own setup. Right click and do a save as on the following link KX3Memories. Super Check Partial for Gen. Log Updated May 1. I use Gen. Log in the NAQCC Sprint and wanted a super check partial function so I wrote a utility that loads the NAQCC. NAQCC member callsigns. It can also, optionally, load the normal master. Gen. Log is used in other sprintscontests. Once the utility is started it attaches itself to the bottom of the Gen. Log window. As you enter a callsign into the Call field of Gen. Log, the SCP utility displays possible matching callsigns. This was written for and tested with Gen. Log. 32. 5 v. 7. 5. Windows XP. Requirement This was a quick hack so Gen. Log, the NAQCC. dat andor the master. C Gen. Log. 32. Updated Oct 1. NAQCC member lookup added. IMPROVEMENT You can use the Gen. Log. SCP callsign field now to enter in callsigns while Gen. Log is running. Type the callsign in Gen. Log. SCP and press Enter and Gen. Log gets application focus. Double click a Gen. Log. SCP result and the callsign is entered into Gen. Log for you. Gen. Log gets application focus. For either a Gen. Log. SCP double click or Enter key in the Gen. Log. SCP Callsign field, you can set which field of Gen. Log gets focus Callsign, RST Sent, or RST Received. Right click your mouse over the SCP utility and choose Update NAQCC to have Gen. Log data files downloaded and unzipped to the Gen. Log directory. BUG If any app had a very long title and Gen. Log was not started the SCP utility would fail to start. Fixed. BUG Data was reloading on each lookup causing slower than necessary performance. Fixed. Data is only loaded at startup or after an update. Updated May 1. 7, 2. Updated to work with Gen. Log 3. 2. 6 v. 8Download here. Technical Note Because I am using the Windows API Win. Gen. Log form to find the callsign field, and because many of the fields of Gen. Log use the same control ID 1. Windows may not create the fields in the same order as Windows XP, there is a chance the current version may not work on Vista, Win. If anyone can report success or failure on those platforms I would very much appreciate it. Any feedback always welcome. Updating Gen. Log and NAQCC data for NAQCC Sprints. I use the standard Gen. Log program and wanted a simple way to make sure my program and data were up to date prior to a sprint. The following CMDBatch file saves the current EXE to a backup, updates the program, updates the Gen. Log data files and finally updates the NAQCC data file. You may have to install a copy of wget and unzip on your system path or in the Gen. Log directory if you dont know how to do that for the script to work. Save the following to a cmd or batch file in your Gen. Log. 32 subdirectory. Gen. Log. 32. 5. exe goto skiprename. Gen. Log. 32. 5. bak del Gen. Log. 32. 5. bak. move Gen. Log. 32. 5. exe Gen. Log. 32. 5. bak. if exist gen. Callsign ID Timer. My normal operations do not require a callsign ID timer but plans to operate NAQCC special event callsign N5. A requires me to ID every hour using my personal callsign. Cheat Engine 6.1 Dragon City there. To make this easier to track I wrote this ID timer that can be reset, no matter which application has focus, by pressing F1. Of course, on your computer, if F1. Reset button instead, but most applications ignore F1. Tips Right Click the mouse over the app to change the timeout, hideshow the app title bar and enable or disable the timer. You can resize the form to any size you like and the countdown font size will adjust appropriately. It is simple to size the form to make a nice visible banner at the top of your screen. A flashing red timeout message displays and a non intrusive clicking sound occurs when youve reached the timeout. Download here. Dipole Calculations Spreadsheet. This is an Excel spreadsheet for calculating lengths and heights for CW and SSB portions of the 1. MHz ham bands. Includes calculations for NVIS, compromise DXNVIS,. If you do not want to tweak the spreadsheet, heres the PDF version. APRS Local Information Beacons. In support of the APRS Local Info Initiative Ive written this APRS Beacon and Beacon Editor for Windows which can push data via AGWPE IGate. More information is available here. Ham Radio Deluxe Utilities for HRD 3. Automated Lo. TW uploads, import Lo. TW confirmations, logbook updates from QRZ. QSL confirmations, download e. QSL card images, generate Global. QSL ADIF upload files, update personal information in the HRD logbook, generate HTML logbooks for your web site and more. Please note While Win. Win. 64 users report no problems with HRDU on Win. Known Issues. HRDU fails on login to e. QSL accounts with multiple callsigns. Ham Radio Deluxe Utilities Reporter for Ham Radio Deluxe 4. This is my QSL label and envelope label printing program. It works with the Ham Radio Deluxe database. I suggest that before using this program you download, install and configure Ham Radio Deluxe Utilities because these two programs share settings. Using the QRZ. com XML service, HRDU updates the QSL addressrouting information. To access HRDU Reporters configuration screen click the red arrow you see just to the left of Program Configuration This program will connect to Omni. Rig you select Rig 1 or Rig 2, it gets the frequency the rig is on and then, in the background modifies the HRD Log Add windows Band, Frequency, and optionally, Mode LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM fields. Its written for and tested on every band 1. WARC bands. Keystrokes are not pushed into the keyboard buffer so theres no concern about which application has focus and what you are typing at any given time. If the Log Add window is not visible, no problem, it waits if and till it appears to do its thing. Once this program is running, you can move the window out of the way and ignore it unless you want to terminate it. Shown on top HRD just to show the program at work. Web. Buddy for Win. Sap Netweaver As Implementation And Operation Pdf there. GRE PSR 5. 00PSR 6.