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What Local Spots in Your City Should Visitors Go to Instead of Chain Restaurants If you live in a city that attracts a steady stream of tourists, you already know and side eye the chain restaurants that they tend to gravitate towards, even when there are perfectly delicious local options they could eat at insteadfor instance, out of towners in New York flocking to the Times Square Olive Garden for their Italian food fix, rather than an equally family friendly and delicious option like Parm. So, what local spots should visitors to your city eat at instead of the chain options One thing to note people visiting another city or country can often find familiar cuisine comforting, so its okay if people dont want to try regional specialities for this one. That said, theres still plenty of non chain restaurants travelers should go for. In San Francisco, St. Francis Fountain and Dotties True Blue Cafe are both much better choices than Mels Drive in or Dennys. Patch Custom Maid 3D' title='Patch Custom Maid 3D' />Or Lanza Brothers and Yang Chow in Los Angeles, instead of Subway and Panda Express. Share the best local restaurants in your city and what chain theyre an alternative to, and if you have one, what dish visitors should orderStop Being Boring When People Ask So What Do You DoSmall talk will never not be awkward, because to get to know someone you have to ask some fraught questions. Some questions should stay off limits, but its almost always fair game to ask So what do you do for a living Still, answering it can be a pain in the ass. Maybe the last thing you want to talk about is your shitty job. Maybe your job is complicated and you cant easily explain it. Maybe, like me, you go into therapy mode and start unloading all your emotional hang ups about your career. To avoid these traps, try Fast Companys tips on engagingly describing what you do Find something relatable Explain your job the way the average person might come into contact with it. Hp Rgs Desktop Trial Edition Of Photoshop'>Hp Rgs Desktop Trial Edition Of Photoshop. You know how cereal box tops have simpler slots that dont rip My company invented those. If youre in a deadly car accident and its the car companys fault, I decide whether to issue a recall. Skip the nitty gritty details Dont list off your rsum or dump all your career worries. This is especially important for freelancers or entrepreneurs, who might feel required to account for all their income streams. The other person doesnt want time sheets, they want a jumping off point for a pleasant conversation. AnimeSharing Forum Forum Pure and Innocent Room Eroge Corner KISS Custom Maid 3D2 3D2 Discussion FAQ MKII. Di y l nhng bn MOD ca game CM3D2 gm c nhng ph kin, trang phc c, vt phm hay cc preset anime c. But do tailor your answer to your audience. My Lifehacker colleagues choose the title blogger or journalist depending on how much theyre ready to get. Search the worlds information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what youre looking for. The largest network of nude patches and nude mods for all popular games. Super Spontan 2013 Minggu 6 here. Instant download and detailed guides on installation for all nude skins. Pick what youre feeling the best about, whether or not it makes any money, and talk about that. Show instead of tell If you can carry around an example of what you do, go for it. But unless youre at a networking event, dont turn this into a pitch. These tips hit home for the Lifehacker team. Writing careers are non linear and involve a lot of aspirations and concessions, so writers often over explain or self deprecate. This can be awkward for the other person, who might feel obligated to prop up your ego or talk you through a personal crisis. In any line of work, speak confidently about what you do. No ones out to get you with this question. But do tailor your answer to your audience. My Lifehacker colleagues choose the title blogger or journalist depending on how much theyre ready to get grilled about the lamestream media. Theres always a way to play your job up or down, without excessive bragging or self flagellation. My favorite answer to What do you do comes from the father of a childhood friend I provide products and services. He would reveal nothing more. It was a lot more memorable than whatever desk job the guy probably had. How to Answer the Question What Do You Do Without Boring Anyone Fast Company.