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Director Gore Verbinski and the crew set sail once again for this, the third chapter in the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp is hopelessly trapped in Davy Jones locker after a harrowing encounter with the dreaded Kracken, and now Will Turner Orlando Bloom and Elizabeth Swann Keira Knightley must align themselves with the nefarious Captain Barbossa Geoffrey Rush if they hold out any hope of saving their old friend from a fate worse than death. The East India Trading Company and its fearsome leader, Lord Cutler Beckett Tom Hollander, have taken control of the ghostly Flying Dutchman and its captain, Davy Jones Bill Nighy, and now the baleful Admiral Norrington Jack Davenport has taken the helm in a relentless bid to destroy every pirate ship in his path and bring the Age of Piracy to a violent close. Meanwhile, Will, Elizabeth, and Captain Barbossa navigate treacherous waters and face bitter betrayal as they set sail to gather the only army that can stand up to Beckett The Nine Lords of the Brethren Court. But Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the lords, and as long as hes stuck in Davy Jones locker, Beckett and his nefarious armada are sure to emerge victorious. Theres still hope, however, if the heroic team that includes Tia Dalma Naomie Harris, Pintel Lee Arenberg, and Ragetti Mackenzie Crook can reach exotic Singapore and convince vulpine pirate Sao Feng Chow Yun Fat to provide them with charts and a ship. But even the powerful Brethren Court may need a bit of help from volatile sea goddess Calypso in order to weather the coming storm. With the entire future of the pirate way at stake, everyone will be forced to choose sides while drifting precariously to the edge of the earth for one final, spectacular battle. Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End Reviews. The third voyage in the Pirates trilogy could be touted as the biggest, loudest and second best or second worst Pirates ever not necessarily a ringing endorsement, but honest. Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End clocks in at more than 2 hours, but, unlike last years bloated sequel, at least possesses some semblance of a destination, making it slightly more coherent if no less numbing during the protracted finale. Gta 6 Full Game. A bountiful opening is assured. The running time could diminish this swashbucklers staying power, but Disney would likely leap at Pirates IV in a heartbeat if the principals would enlist for another tour at sea. In a sense, the two Pirates sequels feel less like movies than a shared event much like a concert where the audience sits patiently through lesser known numbers to hear the band belt out favorite tunes. A similar phenomenon occurs during the arid stretches and there are several in this sprawling, messy adventure, to be endured until Johnny Depp does something flamboyantly amusing or a new face like Keith Richards or Chow Yun fat graces the screen. The notion of Pirates as, foremost, a consumer product came through loud and clear in the current Entertainment Weekly, in which director Gore Verbinski referred to the screwy process of shooting the second and much of the third movie simultaneously as How Not to Make a Film 1. At one point, when a character asks of Depps loopy Capt. Jack Sparrow, Do you think he plans it out or just makes it up as he goes along, its hard not to wonder if Verbinski and his writing collaborators, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, arent slipping in a sly comment about the film itself. Whatever quaint underpinnings there were to the class divided romance between Elizabeth Swann Keira Knightley and Will Turner Orlando Bloom have dissipated in the journey since the 2. Picking up where the second left off though a refresher course wouldnt hurt, the couple and Capt. Barbossa Geoffrey Rush begin in Singapore, where they and their pirate mates hope to liberate Jack from Davy Jones Locker, a surreal realm between purgatory and hell. A lengthy battle ensues before the too long quest to find Jack leads to a colorful international assembly of pirates at Shipwreck City, with the East India Trading Co. Cutler Beckett Tom Hollander in hot pursuit and a final showdown inevitable. That questions of life and death are somewhat fungible here helps mitigate the high level of carnage, which includes a mass hanging sequence at the outset, as Beckett wages a reign of terror in seeking to bring the pirates to heel. For the most part, those big themes and even the fundamental rules are easily obscured by the cacophony of relentless, state of the art special effects and Hans Zimmers equally unremitting score, which at times overwhelms the dialogue. Indeed, repetitive action from multiple cannon firing battles to ship sucking vortexes yield diminishing returns the pics greatest virtue is its sense of whimsy, whether that involves multiple Depps debating himself or the crews slapstick antics, which wring considerable mileage out of that monkey and parrot. Depps fey, morally challenged buccaneer remains a kick and the pics biggest asset, whereas the now butt kicking Elizabeth and conflicted Will however dreamy have grown tiresome, especially when saddled with stirring, Errol Flynn style Avast, me hearties interludes. Pirates Of The Caribbean At World\u0027s End' title='Pirates Of The Caribbean At World\u0027s End' />In musing about the Land of the Dead, Barbossa suggests that getting there isnt the tough part Its getting back. Given that producer Jerry Bruckheimers crew unlocked the secret to spinning riches out of a theme park attraction, in this case getting there was no small feat. Its returning there that has been something of a chore a course At Worlds End steadies but cant entirely reverse. Beckett_World_Map.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110417202033' alt='Pirates Of The Caribbean At World\u0027s End Full Movie Putlocker' title='Pirates Of The Caribbean At World\u0027s End Full Movie Putlocker' />Information such as cast, crew, reviews, plot summary, comments, trivia, and discussion forum. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links.