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The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Game' title='The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Game' />Bartholomew Henry Barry Allen born March 14, 1989 is a scientist in the Criminal and. After sacrificing himself to save Central City, the Scarlet Speedster, quite literally, will be going through a rebirth in season 4 of The Flash. The. You get right back here and finish this article, young man History Section Needed The history section for this article is either absent or contains very little. Watch The Flash The Man Who Saved Central City from Season 2 at TVGuide. The Flash TV Series Season 3 Flash Action Figure DC Collectibles Flash. Order by Phone 1 8. Monday Friday 7 0. Saturdays Nov. 1. Dec. 2, 9, and 1. Pacific Time. Client Services 1 8. Fax 1 8. 18 2. E mail csentertainmentearth. Product specifications, prices, ship dates and availability are subject to change without notice. Bart Allen Wikipedia. Bart Allen is a fictional superhero in the DC Comics. Universe. Allen first appeared as the superhero Impulse, a teenage sidekick of the superhero the Flash, before later on becoming the second hero known as Kid Flash. The character first made a cameo appearance in The Flash 9. Impulse 1. 99. 52. The Flash The Fastest Man Alive 2. In the latter series, the character became the fourth hero to assume the identity of The Flash. Bart also prominently features in the superhero team titles Young Justice and Teen Titans. As the Flash, Bart was also a core character in 1. Justice League of America. As first conceived by writers, Bart was born in the 3. The Flash or simply Flash is the name of several superheroes appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert. The-Flash-Logo.jpg?resize=700%2C384' alt='The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Game' title='The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Game' />Meloni Thawne and Don Allen, and is part of a complex family tree of superheroes and supervillains. His father, Don, is one of the Tornado Twins and his paternal grandfather is Barry Allen, the second Flash. His paternal grandmother, Iris West Allen, is also the adoptive aunt of the first Kid Flash, Wally West Barts first cousin once removed. Additionally, Bart is the first cousin of XS, a Legionnaire and daughter of Dawn Allen. On his mothers side, he is a descendant of supervillains Professor Zoom and Cobalt Blue as well as the half brother of Owen Mercer, the second Captain Boomerang. The Ecology Of Natural Disturbance And Patch Dynamics. In addition to these relatives, he had a supervillain clone known as Inertia. For most of his superhero career, Bart was the sidekick to the Wally West version of the Flash. After Wests apparent death in the Infinite Crisis crossover event in 2. Allen grew up and became the Flash. His tenure as the Flash was brief, and was killed off in issue 1. The Flash The Fastest Man Alive. Allen was subsequently absent for nearly two years after his apparent death, but resurfacedyoung againas Kid Flash, in 2. Final Crisis Legion of 3 Worlds. After DC revised its continuity in 2. Bart Allen became the alias of Bar Torr, a feared reactionary from the distant future who was sent to the 2. Kid Flash. Outside of comics, Bart as been portrayed by Kyle Gallner in the live action television series Smallville, operating under the name Impulse. Jason Marsden voiced ImpulseKid Flash in the animated series Young Justice. Injustice-Flash.jpg' alt='The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Game' title='The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Game' />Fictional character biographyedit. Bart Allens debut as Impulse on the cover of Flash vol. Jul. 1. 99. 4. Initial referenceeditAs depicted in a Legion of Super Heroes story, Barry Allens childrenthe Tornado Twinswere arrested in 2. A. D. by the government of Earth, which had fallen under the covert control of the Dominators. Following a one day trial on trumped up charges of treason, the Twins were executed. HrtwUQXuSXY/hqdefault.jpg' alt='The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Game Xbox' title='The Flash The Fastest Man Alive Game Xbox' />According to a Daily Planet news report, Don Allen is survived by his wife Carmen Johnson whose real name is Meloni Thawne, a descendant of Eobard Thawne, his mother Iris West Allen, and his 2 year old son Barry Allen II. This timeline was wiped out by the events of Zero Hour Crisis in Time limited series. However, a parallel set of events occurred on Earth 2. Earth of the post Zero Hour Legion, with the Tornado Twins and their families having traveled there from New Earth. ImpulseeditSuffering from a hyper accelerated metabolism, Bart Allen was aging at a faster rate than that of any other human being, thus causing him to appear the age of twelve when he was chronologically only two years old. To prevent him from developing mental health problems, he was raised in a virtual reality machine which created a simulated world that kept pace with his own scale of time. When it became clear that this method was not helping, his grandmother, Iris Allen, took him back in time to the present where The Flash, Wally West, tricked Bart into a race around the world. By forcing Bart into an extreme burst of speed, Wally managed to shock his hyper metabolism back to normal. Because he had spent the majority of his childhood in a simulated world, Bart had no concept of danger and was prone to leaping before he looked. The youth proved to be more trouble than Wally could handle, and he was palmed off onto retired superhero speedster Max Mercury, who moved Bart to the fictitious Manchester, Alabama. Bart originally created the Impulse codename for himself,6 though a retcon in Impulse 5. Batman codenaming him such as a warning, not a compliment. Bart joined the Titans7 early in his career before going on to become one of the founding members along with Robin and Superboy of the superhero team Young Justice. For a time, Impulse became the owner of a spaceship granted to him by a rich sultan in appreciation for having helped save his castle. The team used this ship to reunite Doiby Dickles with his queen and restore the rightful rule of Myrg. Impulse stayed with Young Justice for an extensive period of time during which he developed the ability to make speed force energy duplicates. This allowed him to be in multiple places at once. The newly acquired power proved useful until one of the duplicates was killed8 during the Our Worlds at War storyline when half the team was lost on Apokolips. Bart quit Young Justice temporarily as the death of his duplicate led him to come to terms with his own mortality. Following Max Mercurys disappearance, Bart was taken in by Jay Garrick, the first Flash, and his wife Joan. After the breakup of Young Justice, Bart joined some of his former teammates in a new line up of the Teen Titans. Kid FlasheditShortly after Bart joined the Teen Titans, he was shot in the knee by Deathstroke who at the time was possessed by Jericho1. While recovering, Bart read every single book in the San Francisco Public Library and reinvented himself as the new Kid Flash. Once healed, the artificial knee did not affect his ability to run at speeds approaching that of light, but reminding him that he needs to think first rather than to act impulsively. When Robin reminded him that by becoming Kid Flash, he would be forced to live in the Flashs shadow, Bart said firmly, No, hell be living in mine. In the Titans Tomorrow storyline, Bart assumed the mantle of the Flash after the current Flash died in a Crisis. In this alternate future he was able to steal the speed of others, a power he used on his past self. This reality shows a grown Bart posing as a member of the so called Titans of Tomorrow. However he is really a spy working on the behalf of Titans East, a resistance group led by the future Cyborg. Additionally, the future Bart is romantically involved with Rose Wilson, The Ravager. Infinite CrisiseditDuring the Infinite Crisis, Superboy Prime attacked Conner Kent Superboy and injured or killed several Teen Titans, thus prompting Bart to stop his rampage. He accomplished this by running him at top speed into the Speed Force with the help of veteran speedsters Wally West and Jay Garrick. The feat took its toll on Garrick, who reached his limit before entering the Speed Force, and West, who turned into energy and vanished, leaving Bart alone in the fight against a vastly more powerful Superboy Prime. Luckily for the young speedster, Barry Allen, Johnny Quick, and Max Mercury, all of whom had been previously absorbed into the Speed Force, appeared and aided him. After Superboy Prime managed to escape from his prison, Bart follows him, spending four years in an alternate realitys Keystone City.