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Arnold Schwarzenegger The Predator 2018' title='Arnold Schwarzenegger The Predator 2018' />Ever wonder what kind of Sunglasses worn in Terminator 2 Judgement Day What kind of Sunglasses worn in Terminator 2 Judgement Day Have you ever seen the movie Terminator 2 Judgement Day and ever wondered Wow, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like a total BAD ASS in this movieI wonder what brand of sunglasses he is wearingWell, you arent alone. There have been many fans that have searched the internet, high and low, looking for an answer to this question. Baselworld 2015 The Arnold Schwarzenegger watch brand, the pieces, and the story of how it came to be Arnolds love affair with watches. Founder Ariel AdamsOccupation Senior Editorhttp hIDSERP,5430. Want to Own Arnolds ScreenUsed Predator Boots NewsArnold fan Elliot Goodwin sent us information and photos of his Schwarzenegger boots from The Predator movie Best of all, for the right price. The Predator dispatches the soldiers one by one with its array of weaponry until Major Dutch Schaeffer Arnold Schwarzenegger is the last one alive. Century Fox, 19 This metal knife and camouflage sheath were acquired by the production for use by Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch in the original. Character John Matrix Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Seiko H558 Submitted by Actor Alyssa Milano Character Jenny Matrix Watch Swatch Watch Submitted by. And, not suprisingly, there have been mixed answers to this question. The most common answer is that the brand is Ray Ban, and that the style is known as Predator 2. A quick Google search of Ray Ban Predator 2 brings up images of Will Smith in Men in Black. Having owned a pair of Ray Ban Predator 2s, I can personally say that these glasses ARE indeed very attractive. However, these are NOT the same brand used by Schwarzenegger. Predator-Seiko-2.jpg' alt='Arnold Schwarzenegger Maid' title='Arnold Schwarzenegger Maid' />Worn By Arnold Schwarzenegger In Predator With A BowThe Brand that are used in the movie are by an Italian Sunglasses company named Persol. Thats right. The Sunglasses worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger are called Persol Ratti, and the model number is 5. These sunglasses are ULTRA RARE to find. Especially to find some that are in MINT condition. The reason why these are so rare is because they are no longer produced or manufactured by Persol. The company is still around http www. USA, but they have LONG stopped manufacturing the Model 5. Now, examine the following pictures that I have provided as evidence. Worn By Arnold Schwarzenegger In Predator ImagesOrder By Dec 18 for Christmas DeliveryOrder this essential Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator Tribute Poster Worn Look Movie T Shirt here today This Arnold. Seiko Arnie Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big fan and wore it in the movie Commando 1985 and Predator 1987. Schwarzenegger. Vintage Persol sunglasses were manufactured with a technology known as Meflecto. The Definiton of Meflecto has been taken from their own website Patented at the end of the 1. Meflecto is the worlds first. The Meflecto system. One of the CLEAR ways to easily detect Persols are via two silver hinges that hold the Frame to the Ear Pieces. Below is an example of what it looks like. There are several scenes in which you can CLEARY see these two silver hinges on the frames of Schwarzeneggers sunglasses And here is another scene Digitally sharpenedenhanced. And one more angle. Another factor that distinguishes authentic Persol Sunglasses are the fact that they reflect sunlight in a purplegreen shade. That is due to the extremely high quality and manufacturing process that Persol once used to create the Ratti Model 5. Here are some example of the reflection and hue of the glasses themselves. Notice the GreenPurple reflection on the glasses themselves. Another Angle Purple Hue As chance would have it, I have personally owned several of these ultra rare sunglasses. All of the sunglasses that I have owned have been Vintage and in PERFECT condition. Not one single scratch on the frame or Lenses. There are sellers out there that do have vintage Persol Ratti 5. So, if you are interested in owning a pair of sunglasses just like they were worn in Terminator 2 Judgement Day, make sure you buy VINTAGE Persol Ratti Model 5. Serious Sam 2 Full Version Pc there. Update 41. 22. I have decided to make a video review for the Persol Ratti Model 5. Vintage Sunglasses that I have. Currently, it is still a work in progress but I have uploaded a Preview of the Review. 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